Best fish to eat in Kerala, famous fish dishes in Kerala

There are many varieties of fish and fish dishes in Kerala, but the best fish in Kerala is the Pearlspot Karimeen fish of Kerala. The famous giant freshwater prawn or lobster of Kerala known as Konju is also a very tasty popular fish of Kerala.

Kerala is one of the worlds largest producers of shrimps and prawns for export. There are many Shrimp peeling sheds along the coast line of Kerala, especially around Cochin or Kochi as it is called now. Kerala is the place to enjoy the special Kerala Shrimp fry spiced with Kerala masalas.

Other very famous fish which is very delicious is the King Fish variety they catch off the Kerala coast. The Kerala King Fish fry with Kerala spices is a superb dish of Kerala. Sea food in general is the speciality food of Kerala and Kerala sea food cooking is something special which you simply got to taste.

Karimeen most famous fish of Kerala

Karimeen or Pearlspot fish of Kerala
Pearl-spot fish Karimeen

Karimeen or Pearlspot fish of Kerala: Karimeen or the Pearlspot fish in Kerala shown in the picture here, is the best fish to eat in Kerala. Kerala Karimeen is a special species of fish found only in Kerala. In English it is called Kerala black pearl spotted fish. Many tasty Kerala dishes are made with Karimeen and it is the most relished fish by everyone, including tourists in Kerala. Karimeen is mostly caught from the backwaters of Kerala and a big Karimeen can be about 10 inches (25 cm) long and weigh upto 2.2 pounds or 1 Kg. Karimeen was officially declared the State Fish of Kerala in 2010 and the year 2010 was dedicated as 'The Year of the Karimeen" in Kerala.

Konju, Giant freshwater Lobsters of Kerala

Kerala Konju big prawn lobster
Kerala Konju big prawn

Kerala lobsters Konju: We are not sure whether to classify these giant freshwater Crustacean as a lobster or a prawn. Anyway the scientific name appears to be "Macrobrachium Rosenbergii' - quite a mouthful. But whatever the species, these are some of the best tasting crustacians in the world. Kerala has several dishes for these lobsters, but if you prefer, you can tell the chef to grill it mildly spiced to your taste. Some of the Kerala dishes made with this big prawn are listed below with pictures.

Karimeen Pollichathu: Pearlspot fish grilled in Banana leaf

Karimeen Pollichathu: Pearlspot fish grilled in Banana leaf
Karimeen grilled in Banana leaf

Karimeen in Banana leaf Grill: Karimeen Pollichathu is a traditional delicacy of Kerala. The pearl fish after it is cleaned, has special spices and herbs coated on it and kept to marinate for a few hours. Then the pearlspot fish with all the marination spices and herbs is wrapped up in a banana leaf and tied with banana fiber. This package is then grilled to give the famous Kerala Karimeen Pollicha dish. Most of the tourists to Kerala simply love this dish.

Karimeen Fry

Kerala Karimeen Fry is the pearlspot fish fried in oil after marinating with the unique spices of Kerala
Karimeen Fry

Kerala Karimeen Fry:: The Kerala way of frying Karimeen fish is to marinate the Karimeen fish for about one hour in a special spice paste. The marinating spice paste is made from powdered spice mixture of chilli, black pepper, turmeric and some other ingredients like garlic paste which is all made into a paste with vinegar and or water. The marinated Karimeen fish is then deep fried in oil at the right temperature. The fried Karimeen is served with salad made of onion slices dipped in a vinegar and lime solution laced with chillies. Karimeen Fry is one of the most common food in houseboats in Kerala

Kerala Konju big prawn fried shell-on

Kerala Konju big prawn fried shell-on
Kerala Konju fried with shell

Konju fried with shell-on:: The local Kerala people like to remove the shells completely from the Konju or big Kerala prawns and marinate their spices directly on the flesh of the Konju prawn. This way they feel that the Konju fry will taste better. Many foreign tourists who visit Kerela prefer with the shell on on their Konju, so the picture here is the Konju fried with shell-on.

Kerala Konju fry

Kerala Konju fried Kerala style
Kerala Konju fry

Kerala Konju fry:: The giant river prawn of Kerala called Konju can be fried in the pure Kerala style. The complete shell on the Konju is removed and the prawns thoroughly washed before the whole body of the fish is coated with a thick coat of special Kerala spice marinade made of black pepper powder, red chilli powder, turmeric powder and other ground spices and herbs. This kept aside for about half an hour and then it is deep fried. The picture here shows the end result.

Kerala Curried Konju

Kerala Konju curry
Kerala Konju curry

Kerala Konju curry:: Kerala Konju curry is made like the normal Kerala fish curry with the addition of Kudampuli, the special souring agent for fish in Kerala curries. This dish is normally eaten with rice in Kerala.

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